Sustainable Suburban Design Competition || Keene, NH

Two Competitions: Sustainable Home Renovation & Suburban Backyard Homestead


Welcome! Thank you for your interest in the Suburban Sustainable Design Competition.

This competition is a project of a team of sustainability-minded organizers and designers in partnership with The Sustainability Project.

In the spring and summer of 2013, we are holding two competitions for the redesign of a suburban residential property in Keene, New Hampshire:

1.    Sustainable Home Renovation Design
2.    Suburban Backyard Homestead Design

Designs will be showcased in an open house and community celebration on Saturday, October 5. The schedule is here

The property is a one-acre site near downtown Keene. The house is gutted and has been uninhabited for several years. The yard is mostly lawn at this time and has a lot of sunny southern exposure.

House and yard looking from the northwest
House and yard looking from the northwest

We believe that the property has the potential to serve as a great model for sustainable suburban design, including backyard food production and capturing renewable resources, in Keene and the northeast. The property’s current transitional state and its situation in the context of a city and region with rapidly growing interest in sustainability make it a particularly rich site for experimentation. Because so many Americans live in suburban properties and sustainable suburban options are still in such early stages of entering the mainstream, we are very excited to have the opportunity to bring attention to sustainable suburban design through holding a design competition and sharing the entries with the community.

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A backyard homestead in Palo Alto, California

A backyard homestead in Palo Alto, California

Background photo by Palo Alto homestead photo from


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Will you be publishing the designs that were displayed. I would be very interested in studying them for my own suburban homestead in Westport, MA.

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